R. Baxter Miller

Dr. R. Baxter Miller

Professor of English
Editor, The Langston Hughes Review


Dr. Miller, Professor of English, who holds a Ph.D. from Brown University is the author or editor of ten books. He has written The Art and Imagination of Langston Hughes (1989; paperback 2006), which won the American Book Award for 1991, The Southern Trace of Black Critical Theory (1991), A Literary Criticism of Five Generations of African American Writing: The Artistry of Memory (2008), and On the Ruins of Modernity: New Chicago Renaissance from Wright to Fair (2011). His other volumes include, a collaborative edition titled Black American Literature and Humanism (1981) which won international acclaim, and a subsequent volume, Black American Poets Between Worlds, 1940-1960 (1986), an academic bestseller. Critical Insights: Langston Hughes, an edition, is scheduled for publication in 2012, and his Reference Guide to Langston Hughes and Gwendolyn Brooks (1978), which is superseded today by current texts, remains a standard source.

Miller, who has written scores of chapters, articles, and reviews for professional journals, is a co-author and co-editor (with General Editor Patricia Liggins Hill, et. al.) of Call and Response: The Riverside Anthology of the African American Literary Tradition (1998, 2002). The result of a nomination by the editorial board, his short story edition of Langston Hughes in the Collected Works 15 (Missouri 2002) is a volume in the centennial series. Though the list below condenses his oeuvre to conserve space, he has written for publication 34 chapters and anthologized articles, 28 essays for professional journals, 2 invited encyclopedia articles, 9 review-essays, and more than thirty reviews. His favorite courses are those on African American autobiography, Intellectual History, the Harlem Renaissance, and Modern African American Poetics.

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Essays Selected by Editors as Pedagogical Models

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Published Correspondence

  • Miller, R.B. (1990). "Signifying Human: Skipping Over Visible Critics." PMLA, 1124-25.
  • — (1996). "The Personal in Literature." PMLA, 111, 1155-56.

Awards and Recognition

  • 1975. Haverford College, Research
  • 1978. ACLS Conference Grant, "Black American Literature and Humanism"
  • 1985. Black Scholar Professor (national competition), LeMoyne College, Syracuse, N.Y.
  • 1986-87. National Research Council Senior Fellowship (Ford Foundation), University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Fisk
  • 1986-87. Lindsay Young Chair, English & Humanities, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • 1991. Irvine Foundation Visiting Scholar, University of San Francisco
  • 1991. The American Book Award
  • 1994. Regional Designation Humanities Award (with Will Holmes, John Inscoe, and Robert Pratt), by ACOG Cultural Olympiad and Southern States Humanities Councils for "Black and White Perspectives on the American South"
  • 1994-95. Senior Lilly Teaching Fellow
  • 1995. Golden Key Honor in scholarship of teaching
  • 1996. Who's Who in America
  • 1996. Who's Who in Education
  • 1996. Who's Who in the World
  • 1997. SAMLA Book Prize Committee
  • 1999. Davis Fellows Lecturer, University of San Francisco
  • 2001. The Langston Hughes Prize
  • 2003. Phi Kappa Phi Love of Learning Award
  • 2004. Who's Who Among America's Teachers, 2004 (nominator: graduated student)
  • 2005-2006. Student Government Association Teacher Award
  • 2010. The Ford-Turpin Award for distinguished scholarship in African American Studies