Affiliate Faculty

The Institute for African American Studies affiliate faculty are renowned for their research, teaching, and influence in both their respective fields of study and black diaspora studies.


Faculty Affiliates

Donna Alvermann

Omer Clyde and Elizabeth Parr Aderhold Professor in Education

Distinguished Research Professor of Language and Literacy Education


Mary Atwater

Professor of Mathematics and Science Education


Juanita Johnson Bailey

Professor of Lifelong Education, Administration & Policy

Director of Women Studies


Dawn Bennett-Alexander

Associate Professor of Institute of Employment Law & Legal Studies


Valerie Boyd

Associate Professor of Journalism and Mass Communications

Charlayne Hunter-Gault Distinguished Writer-in-Residence


Gene Brody

Regents’ Professor of Child and Family Development

Director of the Center for Family Research


Ronald Butchart

Department Head of Elementary & Social Studies Education



Ron Cervero

Associate Vice President for Instruction


Rose Chepyator-Thomson

Professor of Kinesiology


Michelle Cook

Associate Provost for Institutional Diversity


Chris Cuomo

Professor of Philosophy and Women’s Studies


Maurice Daniels

Dean and Professor of Social Work


Mark Dawkins

Associate Dean for Academic Programs & Associate Professor of Accounting


Diane Edison

Professor of Art


Tarek Grantham

Associate Professor of Psychology Education & Instructional Technology


Talmadge Guy

Associate Professor of Lifelong Education, Administration & Policy


Monica Hargrave

Instructor of Music


Tina M. Harris

Professor of Speech Communication

Josiah T. Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor


Billy Hawkins

Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of Kinesiology


Robert Hill

Associate Professor of Lifelong Education, Administration & Policy


Tera Hurt

Assistant Research Scientist

Program for Strong African American Marriages and Promoting Strong Families


Jean Kidula

Associate Professor of Musicology/Ethnomusicology

Chair of Ethnomusicology


John Wharton Lowe

Barbara Lester Methvin Distinguished Professor of Southern Literature


Tony Lowe

Associate Professor of Social Work



Sandy Dwayne Martin

Head and Professor of Religion


Barbara McCaskill

Associate Professor of English

Co-Director, Civil Rights Digital Library Initiative


Reginald McKnight

Hamilton Holmes Professor of English


Diane Miller

Director of Undergraduate Services for the School of Journalism and Mass Communication


Jerome E. Morris

Professor of Educational Theory & Practice


John Morrow

Professor of History


Lioba Moshi

University Professor of Comparative Literature

Head, Department  of Comparative Literature


Akinloye Ojo

Associate Professor of Comparative Literature

Director of African Studies


Ed Pavlic

Professor of English and Creative Writing


Rosemary Phelps

Professor of Counseling and Human Development Services


Robert A. Pratt

Professor of History


Daniel Rood

Assistant Professor of History


Emily Sahakian

Assistant Professor of Theatre & French


Karim Traore

Associate Professor of Comparative Literature


Dorothy White

Associate Professor of Mathematics and Science Education


Margaret Wilder

Associate Professor of Counseling & Human Development Services


Brian Williams

Associate Professor of Public Administration & Policy


Sheneka Williams

Assistant Professor of Lifelong Education, Administration & Policy