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Topics in African American Literature: Black Atlantic Writers

Part of UGA at Oxford. Drawing upon Paul Guilroy's concept of cultural identity being a result of both "roots" and "routes," this course will explore how movement and migration between Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Caribbean complicate understandings of what it means to...

Topics in African American Literature
History of African American Drama and Theatre

The emergence of a distinct and conscious African American theatre in the United States

Topics in Afro-Hispanic Identity
Topics in Afro-Hispanic Identity
Graduate Introduction to African American Studies

This course surveys history of and current discourse on African American Studies as a discipline encompassing the study of the African diaspora in the Americas, while examining fundamental concepts, research methodologies, and tools of analysis that inform the field.

Graduate Introduction to African Aemrican Studies
Teaching Practicum in African American Studies

This course is a practicum in the teaching of African American Studies. It blends instructional techniques particular to African American Studies with pedagogical training useful for a beginning TA in any field. The practicum section of the course would take place in one or more sections of the...

Directed Reading